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16 Completely Adorable Valentine’s Day Cards (for classmates!) – Plus FREE Printables!

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Are you feeling super creative today, Mama?

Wanting to send your kiddo to school with a Valentine that’s sure to impress all of the other Mamas? Don’t be ashamed – rock it. I know I’m not alone.

Now that you’re here, you’re all set to find the perfect DIY Valentines for classmates to send with your littles on February 14th! The designs featured below are diverse, colorful, and FUN.

I’ve even included links to purchase some of the supplies you’ll need. See? You already saved some time! Now start scrolling!

You’re aDOHable Play-Doh Valentine

From Stepmomming

We made these adorable Play-Doh valentines for my daughter’s kindergarten class last year, and they were such a hit! As I’ve mentioned before, K owns SO. MUCH. PLAY-DOH. She couldn’t wait to share more play-doh with her friends at school!

Make these aDOHable Valentines for your little one’s classmates by grabbing the free printable!

Print it, cut it, and tie it onto play-doh with a pretty ribbon!

Did you know they even make Valentine’s play-doh?!

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I Need S’More Friends Like You Smores Valentine

From Stepmomming

We had to find a way to outdo ourselves with the play-doh Valentine’s Day cards last year, so we created these S’mores valentines this year, and I think they turned out SO CUTE. I found these heart marshmallows too late, but I highly recommend that you add these to your own little baggies of marshmallowy gooey goodness. Seriously, how adorable are they?

Make these Valentines yourself by downloading our free printable!

Print out the design and cut them out to staple on top of Ziploc bags full of s’mores-y goodness.

So simple, and yet so perfect.

Blowing Kisses Your Way Bubble Valentine

from Made to be a Momma

This one is sure to blow them away! (Pun intended) But seriously, you can pick up bubbles at any dollar store (or here on Amazon).

I’m So Glad We’re in the Same Troop! Army Valentine

from Armelle

As a soon-to-be military wife, I cannot get over how totally adorable these are! These Valentine’s Day Cards make me smile, and they’re SO cute for being such a traditionally boy-gendered valentine, something that the girls have always dominated. Here’s a link to 3 dozen of the toy soldiers!

You Color My World Crayon Box Valentine

from Crazy Little Projects

I love any excuse to inspire creativity, and the idea of promoting coloring over eating candy gets me so excited. You can get cheaper crayons at the dollar store or Amazon (this pack size should be more than enough!).

I am Wheelie Glad We are Friends Hot Wheels Valentine

from Made to be a Momma

OH MY GOSH. I originally saw these on Instagram because I follow Made to be a Momma, and I highly recommend that you do too! This photo was the inspiration for this entire post, and I highly encourage any boy mamas (or mamas of girls that love cars!) to try these out this year. They are too darn cute to pass up.

You are Ah-MAZE-ing Maze Valentines

from Balancing Home

I love this Mama’s creativity and Daddy’s graphic design skills. These Valentine’s Day cards are SO fun, and they’ll keep your kiddos minds sharp and creative.

You’re the Bomb EOS Valentine

from Skip to my Lou

EOS chapstick really is bomb – am I right, Mamas? Spread the love (hehe, pun unintended that time) with these super cute Valentine’s Day cards this year! Here is an 8-pack that would work great for your valentines!

You’re a real cutie Clementine Valentine

from The Cards we Drew

If you want to really go against the candy grain this year, try out these clementine valentines! Encourage fruit instead of candy – and honestly, who doesn’t love these treats?

You Make My Heart Pop Popcorn Valentine

from Crazy Little Projects

My little LOVES popcorn – it’s one of her favorite snacks. Her friends would go nuts for Valentine’s Day cards that included a bag of popcorn for each of them! These are easy to assemble, and they’re just punny enough to work! There’s a 30-pack of individual popcorn bags available on Amazon here.

You’re All Write Pencil Valentine

from Yellow Bliss Road

I am SUCH a fan of endorsing literacy at every opportunity, and these colorful, punny valentine printables are a perfect way to do that this Valentine’s Day! We have trouble keeping track of our pencils in this house, and we can’t be the only ones! You can never have too many pencils regardless, so share the love! You can find a pack of 3-dozen Valentine’s Day pencils here.

You’re #1 in My Book Bookmark Valentine

from Positively Splendid

These are so easy, and again, they promote literacy! I LOVE THEM. Let your little’s friends know that they bookwormed their way into your kiddo’s heart.

Our Class Would Knot be the Same Without You Friendship Bracelet Valentine

from Dandee

These friendship bracelets are perfect. If you have the time to make a bracelet for each of your little’s friends, then this is a practical Valentine’s gift that doesn’t get eaten and disposed of same-day. K came home one day with a friendship bracelet from a classmate, and she wore it everywhere for 2 weeks straight; it meant SO much to her.


Meant to Bee Friends Burt’s Bees Valentine

from Larissa Another Day

If you don’t like EOS, I know you love Burt’s Bees chapstick. And how cute with the bee printable?! They’re BEE-utiful! (Sorry mamas, the puns are out of control today!) You can buy the lip balm with 2-day Amazon Prime shipping here.

Have a Lollipop Valentine

from Design Mom

HOW AMAZING ARE THESE?! I cannot wait to make Valentine’s Day cards like these next year! I’m imagining all of the options for these photos: birthday invitations, baby announcements, and wedding save the dates! Here’s a quick link to purchase the Tootsie Pops on Amazon.

I’m Hooked on You Goldfish Valentine

from Frugal Coupon Living

Goldfish are such a popular snack that they’re always our go-to when it’s our turn to bring snacks after a softball game. Kids love Goldfish – it’s a fact. Satisfy the craving by combining it with this adorable printable. Here’s a link to purchase 30 Goldfish servings.

No matter your choice, any one of these DIY Valentines for classmates is sure to be a hit!

Valentine’s Day school parties are always a ton of fun, but they also require a lot of prep-work at home. Instead of thinking of it as one more chore, try to have fun with it and invite your little to help create your Valentine’s Day cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mamas! Don’t forget to share your experiences, photos, or suggestions in the comments below!


PS: For V-day gift inspiration, check out our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for littles and for mom!

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  1. Super excited about this post! It’s my Sons first year in school and I have been all over pintrest looking for good ideas! What awesome ideas that the little ones will love!



  2. These are all so adorable! I used that same “pop” expression with a bag of pop rocks each for my son’s 2nd grade class but I love the idea of giving out something just a bit healthier with popcorn!

  3. These are such great ideas. Sadly our school doesn’t let you do much with food items, but the prepackaged stuff and toys would be great!

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