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Write Your Own Happily Ever After: A FREE 5-Day Stepmom Course

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You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: stepmomming is hard. Excruciatingly hard some days.

There’s so much we can’t do, restricted by court orders, custody arrangements, and our husband’s ex-wives. And while it’s so easy to be dragged down by those things, it’s also entirely possible to take control of the situation and change the narrative. You are not a victim of your circumstances; instead, you are a strong, powerful woman.

Have you read the fairy tale where the stepmom married the king and lived happily ever after?

Sure you have! It’s you. It’s your life. Give yourself the happily ever after. You found the king and the prince/princess; you have everything you need for happiness. You have all of the tools – you just don’t know it yet!

Write Your Own Happily Ever After: A FREE 5-Day Stepmom Course

Throughout the next 5 days of this stepmom course, you will:

  • Realize you are not a victim of circumstances
  • Learn to take control of challenging situations
  • Formulate a vision of the future you dream of
  • Challenge yourself
  • Recognize the value of gratitude
  • Reassess past situations, actions, and emotions
  • Create an action plan for achieving your dreams
  • Build a network of supporters for your future
  • And SO much more!

Enroll in this 5-day email course and receive one email each day for the next five days. Push past your fears, anger, and hurt. Allow all of those walls to break down, and take a chance on yourself.

You’ll receive a free course workbook to accompany your emails, and it will provide you with a hands-on tool for taking your daily lessons and truly implementing them into your daily life. You won’t get to be a passive participant in this one; you can’t truly achieve change without actively pursuing it. I can tell you how to perfectly achieve happiness as a happiness, but until you implement my lessons, you won’t be any farther along than you were yesterday.

This Course is Right for you if:

  • You’re a stepmom that struggles to be happy
  • Your stepchild’s mom’s actions affect you
  • You struggle with the lack of control you have on your life
  • You would change your mind on marrying a man with children if you could
  • You think about the future and don’t smile

This Course is Not Right for you if:

  • You’re not a stepmom
  • You don’t enjoy free things
  • You are completely confident in your role and don’t have doubts about the future
  • You don’t want a happily ever after

Change the Narrative

Are you okay with being accepted as the wicked stepmother for the rest of your life? Are you all right with allowing someone else to write the rest of your life for you? Can you handle bringing your husband and children down with you for the rest of your days?

Are you going to allow someone else to make you the evil stepmother or are you going to write your own happily ever after?

Join me on this journey. You won’t regret it.

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8 thoughts on “Write Your Own Happily Ever After: A FREE 5-Day Stepmom Course”

  1. This course is AMAZING! I needed this and hope you can do a 10 day course too. It’s short enough to get a good read in, in the morning but long enough to not make me feel like it’s a waste of my time. If that makes sense. I loved the affirmations and the reminder that I AM IN CONTROL! I needed this. I really, really did. Thank you! Can you do more like this?

    • So glad this course helped you, Emily!! We’re working on adding additional resources and will continue to focus on courses just like this! Thank you for leaving your feedback!

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