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EP 14: Full-Time Stepmomming with Joslynn Flowers

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Stepmom, you’re in for a treat, today! I’m joined by Joslynn Flowers of The Daily Stepmom, and we chat about all things full-time stepparenthood, adding an ours baby to the family, and race dynamics in stepfamilies. Joslynn is an absolute delight, and I know you’re going to love this conversation!

Joslynn is a full time mom of 4, (the older 3 being her stepkids) and a certified stepmom coach, who resides in California. Joslynn has a serious passion for helping others succeed in life! In her time as a stepmom she has experienced the many struggles that can come along with being a stepmom and blending of a family. 

She is Co-Founder of The Stepmom Collective, a community based app with the intent to help Stepmoms build community, grow in their role, feel supported and understood on their journey of being a stepmom. She also recently co-hosted the first ever, in person Stepmom Collective Conference which was held in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Joslynn created and hosts a chart topping podcast called The Daily Stepmom Podcast, and has been a featured speaker for The Stepmom Summit and The Ultimate Step Family Summit. She was named one of the Top 10 NEW Podcasts in 2022 by SHE Magazine and has been interviewed by Raise Parenting Magazine. 

Joslynn is a lover of wine, coffee and all things sports! She loves to travel, read, despises laundry and has recently become a fan of the show Outer Banks. More than anything she loves to connect with others via her instagram account so find her at Dailystepmom (https://www.instagram.com/dailystepmom/).

Joslynn’s website: www.thedailystepmom.com

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