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EP 18: Stepping Back in Your Stepmom Role with Erin Careless

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Hi, stepmom! In today’s episode, Erin Careless, PhD and I are chatting about all things stepping back! If you’ve noticed that your role needs a refresh and you want to learn how to take a step back from tasks and triggers that disrupt your peace in your stepfamily, you don’t want to miss this talk!

Erin Careless, PhD is a Certified Stepparent Coach and writes under the name, Steplife. Two stepkids and two “ours babies” keep life busy for Erin and her husband, Matt. A stepchild herself, Erin experienced divorce, remarriage, and step-siblings within her own family. This experience adds to her ability to coach and support stepmoms in diverse situations. 

Erin specializes in topics such as stepmother identities and roles, mothering work, parenting styles, stepping back, and ours babies. Her work has been featured in StepMom Magazine, Stepparent Magazine, Huffington Post, DivorceForce, The Divorce Magazine, and Erin has presented her research at various academic conferences. 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steplife.ca/)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erinsteplife/

For Erin’s course, 6 Steps to Stepping Back, email [email protected].

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