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EP 20: 5 Unnecessary Reasons Stepmoms Feel Guilty

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Hi, stepmom! If you are ready to ditch the guilt and show up confident and purpose-filled in your stepmom role, then today’s episode is for you! 

Don’t love your stepchildren? Dreading seeing the ex at your stepson’s baseball practice? Feeling guilty for not showing up in the same role the ex did? Disappointed in yourself for not being able to figure out this stepmom stuff on your own and needing some guidance and support along the way? All TOTALLY normal! Tune in to learn more about how to ditch the guilt and feel better aligned as a stepmom!

Quotes Mentioned:

“Don’t set yourself on fire trying to keep others warm.” – Penny Reid

“Guilt, shame, and criticism are some of the most damaging forces in your life.” – Jen Sincero

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