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EP 32: 5 Wrong Ways to be a Happier Stepmom

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again: stepparenting is not intuitive. Learning how to navigate this tricky role can be SO challenging! Before defining my role and finding my pacing as a stepmom, I made a lot of missteps. Today, I’m sharing 5 WRONG ways to be a happier stepmom.

I have done every single one of these thinking it would make me happier, but that happiness was fleeting. Thankfully, today I’ve learned much better skills for giving me lasting happiness as a stepmom.

If you’re guilty of 1 (or more) of these wrong ways to be happier stepmom, you’re in good company. But trust me, it’s never too late to course-correct and overcome discontentment in your stepmom life. You can still build a foundation for a stepmom life you love!

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