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EP 42: A Mom’s Perspective Co-Parenting with a Stepmom with Ashley Machele

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You are in for such an incredible conversation today, stepmom! I’m chatting with Ashley Machele, a mom who shares long-distance custody of her oldest daughter. She’ll share her perspective co-parenting with a stepmom and asks how she can validate and empathize with her daughter’s stepmom—a perspective she references as life-changing. We discuss boundaries her daughter’s stepmom crossed, how she understands the positive intention behind those actions and appreciates the stepmom regardless, and MUCH more! I’d consider this episode a can’t-miss conversation for any stepmom whose stepchild has two homes.

Ashley is the founder of Our Splendid Life. She has provided resources and support for blended families since 2013. She is a certified stepfamily specialist and is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies from BYU-Idaho. After struggling for years after her divorce, she felt inspired to do things differently. She has spent the past 15 years trying unconventional techniques to improve her situation, focusing on creating change from the inside out. She is passionate about sharing these tools with other families who are struggling in similar situations because they have truly changed her life!

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