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EP 50: Adding An Ours Baby with Kimberly King

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One of the biggest, most challenging transitions that stepmoms can make is adding a baby to their blended family. Today, Kimberly King joins me to discuss her experience and best tips for stepmoms who are preparing to add an “ours baby” to the family! We’re answering all of your burning questions, like:

  1. How do you prepare your stepchildren for adding a baby to the family?
  2. Do you need to tell the ex you’re expecting?
  3. Did your love for your stepchildren (or perception of that love) change after having a baby of your own?
  4. Did you ever feel territorial over your baby?
  5. When you had a baby of your own, how did your stepmom role shift?

It’s a great discussion that will help you feel better prepared for the exciting next chapter in your family!

Kimberly King is a multifaceted entrepreneur and owner of Honestly Mum (www.honestlymum.com). She is bonus mum to 2 girls, and bio mum to 2 boys.

After meeting her husband in 2016, Kimberly dove right into the deep end of step motherhood without a life vest and it’s been a wild ride ever since. Just 5 years into our marriage, the family has moved quite a bit. They lived in the Caribbean for several years and now reside in her husbands home state of Pennsylvania. 

As a biracial woman, raised in the inner city of Los Angeles, Kimberly, who is also a first generation American, specializes in Interracial + Intercultural stepfamilies, peeling back the layers of race and ethnicity. We work on identifying how these differences are helping or hurting your overall stepfamily dynamic and how to improve on your current situation. As a once expat herself, she is also well versed in overcoming struggles relating to relocation and all the hard parts of doing that with another new “ours baby” in tow. Her practice focuses on keeping marriage first and all facets of building confidence in your role as a stepparent.

When Kimberly isn’t working with stepfamilies, the stay at home mom moonlights as a chef creating beautiful home cooked dishes.

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