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Free Date Ideas You’ll Actually Enjoy

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Do you prioritize date night with your man? Is it non-negotiable on the calendar? Or does it come last (or close to last) on the list of things to get done?

It’s imperative that we nurture our relationships and spend time with our spouses, even when it’s not convenient. Dare I say, especially when it’s not convenient.

It’s so easy to get caught up in soccer games, work obligations, and family time. If you don’t unapologetically put date night on the calendar and defend its value, you’ll find that you sacrifice more often than you follow through.

Whether it’s because you’re tired, something else came up, or you don’t want to spend the money, something will always come up. This I promise you. But if you remain steadfast in your commitment to date night, then you’ll find a way to make it happen.

And I feel compelled to give you permission to do this. To prioritize your marriage over everything else.

So now that we’ve gotten the prioritization guilt out of the way – let’s focus on the next biggest factor that keeps couples from enjoying date night more often: cost.

It’s entirely possible to have an INCREDIBLE date night without spending a dime.

Yes, really. 

Try one of these 40 free date ideas, and you’ll be a believer!

Free Date Ideas You’ll Actually Enjoy

40 free date ideas you'll actually enjoy - from day date ideas to fun free date night activities. You'll have a great time without spending a dime! #datenight #dateideas

Take a free class at the library or your community center together.

Go for a walk at the park or on the beach.

Have a fun movie night at home.

Attend a free concert.

Go for a hike.

Play board games.

Volunteer together.

Give each other massages.

Have a YouTube marathon watching funny videos.

Light a fire in the fireplace or a bonfire in the backyard and drink wine.

Share your dreams and write a bucket list.

Play truth or dare.

Go for a swim at the local pool.

Admire the art at a local gallery.

Go camping in your backyard.

Sing karaoke (and pick songs for each other!).

Build a blanket fort and canoodle inside.

Play a drinking game based on a show or movie.

Play catch in the backyard or shoot hoops.

Cook a new recipe together.

View a local firework show.

Attend a free night at the museum.

Share a bubble bath.

Lie on a blanket and stargaze.

Have a picnic at the park.

Enjoy yourselves people watching.

Explore the farmer’s market.

Do a puzzle together.

Reminisce over photos from years past.

Netflix and chill.

Make homemade ice cream then enjoy it together.

Go for a drive.

Play Walmart Bingo.

Have a Nerf or water gun fight.

Go for a bike ride.

Go geocaching!

Read a book together.

Take turns blindfolding and doing a taste test.

Turn on music and dance until your feet hurt.

Play “Would you rather?”.

Date night isn’t about what you’re doing; it’s about whom you’re doing it with.

You can dine out at the fanciest restaurant with the prettiest dress and to-die-for shoes, but if your date’s a dud, the whole night is ruined.

Dating the love of your life doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. You can have just as much fun without spending a dime!

It’s imperative that we nurture our relationships, no matter how much or little we have in our bank accounts. Getting back to the why behind your relationship – the love you share with your husband – will rejuvenate you and leave you ready to tackle any and all of life’s challenges.


PS: Are you intentional about choosing dates that speak your love language?

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