Blended Family Holidays Handbook




In this self-paced course with accompanying workbook, we will be answering all of your burning questions about:

  • Gifts! (Budget? Who should buy them? Should we coordinate with the other parent? Should I buy a gift for the ex?)
  • Traditions! (When you feel uncomfortable with old traditions, starting your own, & how to do it all seamlessly!)
  • How to Say No! (Let’s cover the basics of setting & enforcing boundaries)
  • Time Management! (Holiday custody schedules, how to coordinate all. the. things. & how to have a holiday calendar that is more exciting & less overwhelming!)
  • Finding & Prioritizing Peace! (Let’s help you love the holiday season again, okay?)

You’ll receive immediate and LIFETIME access to the course!

What’s Included?

A self-paced online course that includes:

  • Training videos
  • A workbook
  • Journal prompts

When you purchase this course, you will receive login credentials so you can access the lessons immediately, on any device. Work through each lesson at your own pace and convenience, from the comfort of your home, work (we won’t tell your boss!) or your favorite coffee shop.

This course is taught by Kristen Skiles, Certified Stepfamily coach and owner of Stepmomming


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