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“Where do I fit in?!” is one of the most common questions I get as a stepparent support coach–especially from childless stepmoms! I really struggled to find my place as a childless stepmom, and I’ve poured everything I learned along the way into these courses to support you on your journey.

In the Childless Stepmomming Made Easy bundle, you’ll receive immediate, lifetime access to 3 of our best-selling courses to help you master your role as a childless stepmom!

1. Childless Stepmom Academy

In this powerful program, you’ll learn: 

  • How to understand and cope with the complicated feelings of being a childless stepmom
  • How to deal with second spouse insecurities and cope with the fact that you missed out on some of your partner’s “firsts”
  • The two types of reactions when someone says you’re not a “real” mom
  • How to approach the “ours baby” conversation without feeling triggered or experiencing resentment
  • How to identify what makes you, YOU

As a childless stepmom, you can fall into the trap of constantly questioning yourself, your value, and your worthiness as both a parent and a partner. If you’re ready to find peace in your role as a childless stepmom, then this is the course for you!

2. Outsider to Insider

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, we will be covering: 

  • What is outsider syndrome? 
  • What causes it? 
  • How to communicate about your feelings with your partner  
  • Solutions for overcoming outsider syndrome

If you’re ready to go from outsider to insider, then this course is for YOU, stepmom!

3. Second Spouse, First Choice

In this self-paced course with accompany workbook, you will: 

  • Begin to understand your fears and insecurities
  • Be reminded of the 10 things every struggling second (or third, etc.) spouse needs to hear
  • Learn the advantages of being the second spouse
  • Mourn the future and relationship you thought you’d have
  • Understand and feel confident in the unique value you add to your family dynamic

If you’re ready to overcome your second spouse insecurities once and for all, then this course is for YOU, stepmom!


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