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Help! I Need to Find the Right Stepmom Coach!

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Can you navigate the stepmom role and find your footing on your own? Of course you can! But if you’re looking for a faster, more direct, easier way to master the stepmom role and find peace in your stepfamily, then it may be time to find a stepmom coach to help.

Before you sign up with the first coach you find, let’s discuss three things to consider to help you identify the right coach for you.

It’s true that not all coaches are the same. Their personalities, specialties, and programs should all be considered before investing.

What credentials does your stepmom coach have?

When searching for a stepmom coach who is right for you, it’s important to identify stepfamily-specific credentials. Blended families function differently from first families, and it’s important that your mentor can coach you through those differences.

Some coaches have been certified via stepparent support programs or have supplemental certifications that may provide them with a specialization (e.g., happiness, feminine embodiment, mindfulness, health & wellness) that intrigues and/or relates to you.

Other coaches have their MFT or MSW and provide counseling alongside coaching. If you’re looking to heal wounds in addition to gaining insights into stepfamily success strategies, this may be the right path for you.

Others don’t have any formal training at all. I’d caution against a coach without credentials because it’s important to receive research-based guidance through this all too complex journey.

I am a Certified Stepparent Coach and a Certified Life Coach with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I’ve worked with stepmoms for four years, and I’ve been featured on TODAY, StepMom Magazine, Stepparent Magazine, Scary Mommy, and more. My parents divorced when I was 2, so stepfamily life is all I’ve ever known. My passion is helping other stepmoms find peace of mind and harmony in their homes.

What is your desired stepmom coach’s style?

Do you prefer a coach that will give it to you straight or soften the blow first? Do you want text/email support or video chat? Is it important to you to have one-on-one support or do you prefer the idea of group coaching? Do you want a coach that provides couple’s sessions as well? What about religious associations?

I know some stepmom coaches who open and close their sessions with breathing exercises, some who open and close with prayer, and some who will do card readings for their clients in sessions.

There is certainly no right or wrong way to answer these questions as you consider your coach’s style, but it’s important to recognize what you respond best to as you sort through your options.

At Stepmomming, I offer one-on-one, group, and hybrid programs. I’m direct when I need to be and softer when necessary. My coaching is done via Zoom video call with email follow-up support. I mainly work with stepmoms, but I offer couple’s coaching when requested and love getting to help “translate” between the stepmom and her partner. Further, all of my offerings are continued support programs, and I don’t offer single sessions; I do this because it’s important to me to not leave you feeling unsupported after a single call.

I offer a complimentary introduction call to better understand your struggles and your goals before recommending a program I think would work best for you. An important part of these calls for you is to be sure you like my style and our personalities mesh well. It is so important to find a coach you like and trust.

What supplemental support does your coach provide?

It’s one thing to spend 30-60 minutes with your coach and receive guidance, but it’s another entirely to receive supplemental support beyond the call.

When I coach one-on-one clients, I send an email recap after every session with a summary of what we discussed, resources to expand on topics introduced in our lessons, and homework assignments to take it all a step further.

When I host group coaching calls, I send out a recording of the call for all who missed the call and for those who could attend but want to rewatch. Further, my group coaching program is supplemented with a 6-part course to build the necessary foundation for long-term peace and happiness as a stepmom.

If you retain things really well, you may not need supplemental support. If you are looking for next-level support and extra handholding and guidance along your journey, find a stepmom coach that fits the bill.

Why I Love Coaching Stepmoms

It is truly the most incredible experience to witness the transformation of stepmoms. I know your pain. I remember the days when I was consumed with resentment, insecurities, and anger. I wondered why things couldn’t just be simpler, questioned if I had made a mistake, and was unsure if I would make it in this role.

Seeing other stepmoms transform from burned out, frustrated, and struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel to renewed, happy, and at peace is the greatest gift. I change lives and save marriages, and that is simply the best job on the planet.

If you’re interested in learning more about Stepmomming coaching, apply now and let’s discuss your current struggles and future goals, and see if we’d be a good fit!

I can’t wait to chat with you!

P.S. Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of my coaching results.

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