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Gifts for Stepmoms: The Ultimate Guide

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As a writer of all things stepmomming, I get asked for stepmom advice often. It’s always a breath of fresh air when, instead of something heavy or serious, someone asks me what the best gifts for stepmoms are!

In this realm of feeling underappreciated and often invisible, I love hearing that someone—anyone—is thinking about buying a gift for a stepmom.

But it can be challenging to find the perfect gift! How do you properly say “Thank you” for all a stepmom does, in one little gift? How do you know it’s good enough or something she’ll actually like?

Today, I’m spilling the beans and dumping my “gifts for stepmoms” list for you! If you’re looking for a gift for a stepmom in your life—whether it’s your stepmom, your child’s stepmom, or a friend who is a stepmom—you can find what you need on this list, I promise!

Gifts for Stepmoms: The Ultimate Guide

Literally the Best Stepmom Like Ever

Remind the stepmom in your life that she is literally the best – like ever! This coffee mug is the cutest, but it’s still completely functional! This gift is sure to be a hit with any stepmother who likes hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate… or even soup out of a mug!

The Organizer’s Dream

Organization is one of my favorite hobbies, and it’s one that all of my stepmom friends are passionate about, as well. This label maker is one of those things that we need, but don’t want to buy for ourselves. The perfect gift!

The Pinterest Mom

Right alongside the label maker comes the laminator. I have this and it works like a charm! So simple and affordable. Empower the stepmom in your life to turn her “Home Organization” Pinterest board into reality!

A Hug Around the Neck

One of my biggest first-world problems is how there aren’t any “stepmom” Tervis Tumblers on the shelves at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It’s so challenging to find specific stepmom gifts. The stepmom in your life will totally melt over this special necklace!

The Real MVP

Are you tired of hearing the stepmom in your life complain about cleaning? Well, this Roomba is the gift she needs! I have this model and between mapping the house, scheduling cleanings, and selecting specific rooms to clean, it does it all!

Jewelry is a Stepmom’s Best Friend

If you’re looking for a sob-fest, this bracelet should be your pick! When you’re looking at gifts for stepmoms, consider the sentimental value. Stepmoms often feel like they are on the back-burner. This simple statement will tug at the heartstrings (and tear ducts!).

You Can Never be too Comfy

To the skeptics out there, I need you to hear this loud and clear: we never have enough blankets! This oversized plush throw is absolutely essential! If the stepmom gift you’re purchasing is for your wife, this should be a go-to! Think about the fall cuddle sessions by the fire…

She Carries the Weight of the World

If the lady in your life is ever stressed out, overworked, or overwhelmed, then she needs this weighted blanket. A quick TV show snuggled up in this blanket may make a huge impact on her stepmom mental health!

Because She’s Not Like a Regular Mom

Any other Mean Girls fans? This shirt is funny, shows off her stepmom pride, is super soft, AND it shows you think she’s a cool stepmom… A win all around!

Unwind and Relax

Every stepmom needs a good, regular back massage. Unless you’re willing to do it, this handheld back massager is a must-have! Lightweight and affordable, this massager is sure to do the trick!

Bath Time is the Best Time

Ask the stepmom in your life when the last time she took a bath was. If she can’t tell you, then it’s been too long! Encourage her to take her “me-time” to the next level with these bath salts. She will love them!

Forget Me Not

This keepsake box makes the perfect gift for stepmoms! It is heartfelt, functional, and beautiful. If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, you can call off the search! This is perfect for jewelry, bobby pins, or even loose change!

Don’t We All Need to “Stress Less?”

When you’re looking at gifts for stepmoms, sometimes, less is more. These simple “stress less” cards are the perfect daily affirmations, and can make a big impact on her day!

This will Actually Change her Life

Trust me, the stepmom in your life doesn’t even realize she needs a new hairbrush. This wet brush is the best. The smaller brush is perfect for travel—essential!

Sure to Make Her Cry

The ultimate gift for a stepmom? A scrapbook! Add photos, stories, love notes, tickets from an event you attended together, or anything else meaningful to your relationship or family. It will take a little bit more time than anything else you could purchase on Amazon, but it will be a BIG hit, guaranteed! Make things a little easier for yourself by using a kit like this one.

A Statement Piece

Perfect for the long-distance stepmom, this rustic wall decoration is the sweetest! Out of sight certainly does not mean out of mind when it comes to family. Wall décor is a great direction to take when considering gifts for stepmoms.

Some Call it Chaos…

Being a stepmom is a crazy gig and a path that not every woman would choose for themselves. Some call it chaos, but we call it family. I wouldn’t trade my chaotic family for the world!

A Kitchen Essential

This should be a staple in every kitchen. Standard slow cookers are great, but let’s be honest, planning meals ahead may not be a strength of the wonderful lady in your life. This is the type of gift for a stepmom that benefits you, as well!

Bakers Gonna Bake

This falls into the “gifts that also benefit you” category as well. Bakeware is one of those things that we use forever. I bet she doesn’t even know what she’s missing! Update her bakeware—she will be so excited!

Picture Perfect

Is this not the SWEETEST gift for a stepmom from a stepchild? I love, love, love it! Stepmoms often feel they don’t receive enough appreciation or validation, and this picture frame (featuring a cute family photo of course!) is the perfect reminder.

Family Game Night

Oftentimes, stepmoms wish that their family could spend more quality, distraction-free time together. Buy the stepmom in your life this game and host a family game night! Simple, yet greatly appreciated.

Whomever the stepmom in your life is, she will be forever grateful that you thought about her. Gifts for stepmoms are often stressed about, but it’s not difficult to find something she will love! When it comes from the heart, it’s perfect.

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